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Originally Posted by olivia211 View Post
This AFK issue was brought to Dan's attention in the old Fleet Marks thread. I am sure he was aware of it before then. At this point they have not given any indication that reporting an AFKer will have any consequence to that player. I'm not sure if it's even worth reporting.

Dan said they are aware of the problem and are looking into options to combat this.

In another game I have played, team members can report a player AFK and they will be marked as idle, preventing them from receiving any benefits from the run until they engage in combat. Sure, this may not work with trolls looking to just run around and cause problems for your group, but to an AFKer this is probably the worst thing. If we had something like that, I am sure it would significantly reduce the AFK problem once people were aware that they wouldn't get anything if they just sit in a run doing nothing.
Trust me. It won't work unless implemented right. I've seen a similar system and it made things worse.

Guild Wars 1. They added a system sometime back where you could flag a team member as a "leecher" or "bot" and for each report it would give the player's account a point. After so many points the player ended up with the Dishonorable hex automatically, thus preventing them from joining any kind of PVP match throughout the game for about 15 minutes. It took an hour for the points to expire. If they were reported again within an hour, even by just 1 player, the Dishonorable hex would last even longer, up to about an hour max I think where you couldn't join any kind of PVP match.

Did this work? Not in the slightest. Why? It created apathy among the players. The reason for the apathy? You needed at least 3/4 of the team to report a single player for leeching without getting any marks on your own account. If not enough team members reported the player, you would get a point on your account. If you report too many actual leechers and nobody else does, eventually you end up with the Dishonor hex yourself and can't enter any type of PVP even though you were participating in the matches. There was no way to see how many negative points you had on your account or tell how much time you had to go without being reported again before you got the Dishonorable hex again.

The reason for players doing the reporting being punished was to discourage greefing, i.e. "you suck! reported". It was to prevent players from reporting others who did participate in the match but weren't as skilled as someone else wanted them to be.

Nobody would do the right thing and report leechers and bots out of fear of being punished themselves. The leechers/bots took advantage of this and continued on doing what they do best: absolutely nothing. Most of these leechers and bots were stolen/hacked accounts being used by gold sellers and they had plenty of accounts and were willing to hack more accounts to replace the ones perma-banned for violating the game rules.

A couple years ago I finally had it with Guild Wars. It's aggravating when most or all of your team mates in every match are bots set up by gold sellers. I was looking forward to Guild Wars 2 and planned to buy it but......about a couple days after it launched there was an official post on Reddit from Arenanet admitting there was a bot and account theft problem in GW2. I've seen player screen shots showing large groups of farm bots in the game in a single location. I decided I'm not going to put up with that **** ever again and ended up trying out Star Trek Online. Arenanet still doesn't do anything about the bot/leecher problem. Sure you could file a support ticket with the character name and they say they ban them if found to violate the rules but they still run rampant. I don't know how I put up with it for 5+ years and don't understand why others put up with it as well.

I've only seen about 3 spam bots advertising a website to buy in game currency/items for real money in ESD local chat near the bank. Been a few months since I've seen the last one. I might just be lucky not to be in the same instance and them all the time lol
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