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02-23-2013, 06:57 PM
The first thing they could do is drop rewards to zero if you don't deal or take any damage in an STF. That would at least get the moochers involved for the few moments necessary to qualify, which would hopefully entice them into actually playing the game.

This is one of those areas where metrics actually can help; Cryptic can target a damage dealt/received threshold based on the average "minimum effort" indicated by their metrics.

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Trust me. It won't work unless implemented right. I've seen a similar system and it made things worse.
Your analogy isn't particularly apt. There are major differences between the suggested system, and what you're relating from GW1. Your caution is noted, but unwarranted (so far).

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There should be a time limit on DC's within those instances as well to log in and still be in-group IMO.
Legitimate DCs are already handled reasonably well, unless you DC right at the end of an STF (because the auto-loot rewards used for the other maps apparently just aren't good enough for STFs, or STFs are too good to use the superior auto-loot reward system).

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