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i am fairly new to STO,so please dont be too harsh! I know im a newb,and that is why im here to ask for Help

I played a SCI captain from 0 to 50 in purely SCI ships,i like the role of heal/debuff/CC general support.. From the Start i always had an eye on the Atrox,seeing as its a sci based carrier,and the thought of having a big ship with fighters/pets always had my interest.

I made the mistake of buying the Atrox rather blindly once i hit 50,and i ran into some trouble after the first runs with her. The biggest change probably was the loss of manouverability compared to my last ship the free lvl 40 sci one.

However i am willing to adapt and learn to play this slow Monstrum,but i do have a few Questions on that Matter :

#1 Is the Atrox a viable sci ship for most content? Or should i consider another ship?

#2 What is a good way to build a sci heavy carrier? Wich Gearset`s and weapons should i go for? (I am currently running 2 tetryon beams*the ones with 10% chance to do shield dmg and 1 Torpedo front,2 of those beams and 1 turret in the back slots for example) My other gear is just random drops/rewards. I`d love some suggestions on what to work for,so i dont spend weeks chasing after the wrong stuff

#3 Hangar Pets,i thought it might be a good idea having a selection of pets for each situation,but perhaps there are a few out there that i should go for before all others,any suggestions on what Pets to use?

#4 Bridge Officers,i currently run a very supportive/heal heavy setup + some CC, is there any abilitys that you would reccomend as a "Must Have"?

#5 Since i am fairly new,i havent run much STF`s or anything yet,the only grp stuff i did was the Mirror Events to level I enjoyed healing and supporting,while throwing out some CC`s and a little bit of dmg when i had time.
On the Atrox,i feel like its alot harder to keep up with teammates,due to my slow speed/turnrate etc.. Wich probably means i have to change my Playstyle compared to a non carrier sci ship. Any suggestions/tipps would be most welcome here!

I know this is quite a Wall of Text,sorry for that! Any Help is much appreciated.