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02-23-2013, 08:30 PM
Originally Posted by kevaldt View Post
They held a convo with me for a bit even.

Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Nothing seems to happen when you report AFkers. I just let the STF fail, or in infected since it cant fail, you can leave and stf without penalty 15 min after it started. You just have to guess if already in one that started.

Right click on user and report to GM for idling in stf, before you do so see if they react to any tells first, adds to the report if they are actively mooching and not AFK.
I feel it is very important to point out what the OP is talking about. They are not talking about AFKers. As the OP describes, they held a conversation with the person. The OP calls them moochers. This is a very important distinction because any action or solution to "AFKers" that you all in this thread try to come up with, will not help the OP with the problem they are describing.

Essentially, the person the OP is talking about can be hailed by a GM or customer service rep and since they are at their keyboard, they will respond. And chit chat. And will never be flagged AFK.

They are just not actively participating in the content that they engaged in. It's a different problem than AFKers. Or the phrase AFKer is being used wrong. And will only further confuse the situation.

Moocher, as the OP coined it, is better. It keeps the distinction and can avoid confusion when seeking a solution to your problem.

Yeah it might seem like semantics. But really, I think in this case it's important, because there's been solutions I've seen in other situations that actively stop AFKing, that would completely NOT stop the mooching the OP is talking about.