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# 1 Questions About Romulan Boffs
02-23-2013, 07:49 PM
I have an Alien Fed character made up as a Romulan and a full complement of Alien as Romulan boffs. Before I spend the crazy amount of time and resources it would take to acquire 6 Romulan boffs from the embassy, I wanted to get some clarification on things I've read about them.

1 - What are they wearing? I've read Romulan uniforms (which I envision as the military ones) and I've read they're in refugee rags like the mining colony. Does anyone have a few screen shots?

2 - The traits are randomized by an algorithm. So does that mean I buy a boff and hope for the best like a lock box?

3 - They're not customizable ala the Jem'Hadar, Breen, Reman, and Borg Science boffs. Is this still true? That's seems like I'd be spending a lot of resources to buy the opportunity to limit my creativity.

Basically, everything I've read seems to make me want to stick with the nearly free fully customizable purple alien boffs I have rather than giving away the farm for cloned Romulan refugees that may or may not have useful traits.