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02-23-2013, 08:42 PM
Slow? Unlikely. It'll be here all too soon. Just like S7 brought about a host of unwanted changes and generally worsened the game experience, the thing that is no-longer-called S8 will be the same: More nerfs, more of your stuff rendered worthless, and scarcer resources.

Indeed, improvement is physically impossible. The laws of thermodynamics require that the entropy of a closed system always increase. Therefore, things can only get worse, never better. Improvement is a pipe dream of wishful thinkers, and wishful thinking can never trump physics.

S7 was crap, and the game was better without it. S8 will be no different. Entropy always increases. Based on the changes from S6, expect that the cost of everything in S7 will be increased by 19000%, just like S6->S7.