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Originally Posted by captainbmoney View Post
I remember on the Launch of Season 4 Dstahl used his Gorn and was on for countless hours helping KDF characters who were stuck in the Challenge Hall in Qo'Nos. good times. I haven't seen him on there since.
Look...if that happened (I did not witness it) then I salute Dstahl for the effort...but to be pragmatic about this, such things are completely worthless -- an empty gesture -- for the following reasons...

1. That was then, this is now. You are talking about a one-time event that occurred literally years ago. Season 4 was a very, very long time ago, and the game is totally different now.

2. Giving advice and helping other players is NOT what I want him -- or any other Dev who is in-game and working a Klingon character -- to do. I want them to go in and actually play the game as fact, I would like to see them play ONLY Klingon for the next two months and not touch their Feds. Give them a solid dose of what the hardcore Klingon players are dealing with day in and day out. See how short the story arc really is...go up against Feds in their shiney new ships in that Lieutenant General KDF Science officer who has to choose between attempting to get a lockbox ship...or the Fleet Varanus, which is practically the same as the non-fleet version and which brings pretty much NOTHING new to the table, because there ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS!

3. I don't even want to know if they are in-game. I would prefer that they use non-identifying handles -- and just be another Klingon player.

Once again...if DStahl did that in season 4, then my hat is off to him...but that is not the point of this exercise -- and such gestures are meaningless in terms of learning exactly what is wrong with the KDF faction...

And yes, I do realize the possibility that all of this talk about KDF content in the May Update could well be a smokescreen...and that we might not be getting anything of real value at all...I hope that is not the case, but as one person put it in either this thread or another -- I will believe it for certain when I see it in the patch notes.

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