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02-23-2013, 11:13 PM
Thanks for the info, I usualy play STO when nothing is going on with my Eve Online corp, tried pvp in STO and found it to be much like pvp in other MMO's. No ship loss, no equipment loss, no stat loss in fact no death penalty. Once the match was over no buffs for the winning sides either. Very poor.

Lockboxes yeh I have about 30 of them now I would rather grind dilithium to sell for zen than to fork out cash for the keys on a random number generator that could give me nice stuff. That way I am not wasting money.

As for the ships on the C-Store I refuse to pay out ?15 for a few pixels on a screen when the ships given to you as you level up are good enough for the job.

Still getting to grips with how to earn dilithium though doing the duty officers missions as and when they show up, lost a few of them due to not reading the descriptions ( execution, selling as slaves and the suicide one. My own fault there. )

I do like how when your character falls in a ground mission your away team will carry on fighting till they are all dead or they finish the enemies off and revive you. Was a nice surpprise when it happened the first time.