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02-24-2013, 12:38 AM
Something I've always rather felt is, that Star Trek is kind of...too perfect, at least the TNG era feels that way to me. It seems to me that in some ways, Star Trek in general, is rather unobtainable, in various ways.
Some of it is

Technology: As it stands now, most technology in Star Trek is still very very within the realm of sci-fi, and until such a time as proved otherwise, isn't currently obtainable for us within the early 21st century.
well with 3d prototyping we are not far from replicators
Nanotech is already well on the way
We already have a lot of the medical tech Bones uses.
and the Phaser is not out of the bounds of science

so far no possibility of transporters , warp drive or any of the other "CORE" systems (warp drive is probably impossible as it requires the laws of physics to be wrong)

United Earth: This is the big point to me. Not so much the united governments, but more humanity as a species, at this point in time, I do honestly wonder if humanity could truly put aside all differences and such, and unite for all time like that.
Ah we have to have a couple of WARS first
the Eugenics war and the Third World war
But even in trek 90% of humanity hates each other

Aliens: Most sci-fi series make aliens be our allies or our enemies, or a mixture there-of. While I don't want to get into an argument on if aliens exist or not, just that if they did, I honestly wonder how...benevolent they might actually be. I mean, what would humanity truly have to offer the greater galaxy?
superior tech , resources and of course our great wisdom
actual aliens are more statistically likely to be EXTREMELY primative compared with us than highly advanced
And I can promise you that Aliens out there will NOT look anything like humans our format is mathmatically improbable even for here

incidentally there are at least 12 species on EARTH that classify as intelligent and that we could work with to get into space (most of them aquatic)

There's more, but I'll leave it with that for the time being. Do you all think that 'Star Trek' is possible for us in reality?
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