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02-24-2013, 01:11 AM
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being as the raptor is a type of klingon ship and has nothing to do with romulans, i had a feeling that the green bird like image was more of a klingon nod. the romulan green may just mean a romulan conflict.

adding a third faction in a game where less than 20% of your total pbase even touches your 2nd faction would not be a good idea, and would require your dev team to split it's attention 3 ways instead of only 2.
He said "May"-but that doesn't MEAN anything-it could be that there MAY be some future content-sometime, preferably before the sun burns out.

My personal bet's on a Romulan Lockbox and some teasers...and of course, more swag for the Federation. It fits the behaviour patterns better than maintaining a false sense of hope that KDF is going to get anything, much less anything worth having, from this Development team.
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