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02-24-2013, 02:13 AM
A united earth is much more likely when given the ability of the species to move to other planets. sure there will probably be a few wars over land on earth itself seeing as it's the homeworld of humanity. But given enough time and the technology to spread out if Humanity where to reach other distant solar systems with habitable worlds and colonize I see no problem with a single government for each world.

The main problem with a one world government as it stands right now is that without competition and oversight of an outside government I don't see it lasting as a peaceful force. Here is where my peccimism kicks in full force: humanity is all to coruptable.

Without competition a government will grow complacent perhaps even abusive, even with competition governments do. but the point is that by having different diverse nations, planets, governments we protect humanity from itself by ensuring that even if one government grows abusive another is out there still being what it was intended and can potentially provide support, aid, and refuge or assylum to the people.

Our current problem with our theoretical warp drive or the Alcubierre drive is that it's essentially a solar system killer instead of a FTL drive. The collection of exoctic particles around the distortion evelope would have no way of being safely disipated and would most likely discharge exotic radiation at whatever was directly in the path of the vessel on disengaging the drive. (Source: extreme tech)

We already have tablets which probably far exceed the padd tech used in TNG, tricorders aren't that far off. Qualcomm is working on that, or at least getting people motivated to work on it.