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02-24-2013, 01:23 AM
Don't really care. In PuG it does not matter that much as team work in most cases suck. Besides I like to fly cruisers so this matters even less as I do not have any killing power at all. If I sit in escort I just stay back and observe the battlefield for the moment and then go after worst player. Does not matter if it is cruiser or escort or sci - they are squishy and pop easily. And yes, I do not fear cloaked alpha cause I do not queue for FvK.

In Ker'rat in escort or tac/sci I just do what the Klinks do - fly high above and pick the lone or paired Klink BoPs and Raptors and kill them while they are busy killing someone else. Don't really bother with Klink cruisers in any form. Not worth the time. It's better to spent a little more time on searching for escorts.