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02-24-2013, 01:25 AM
My setup on the sci version

omega torp, three phaser DHC, kumari wing cannons
phaser turret, cutting beam
adapted maco set
wing cannon, borg console for eng consoles
the other two kumari consoles, two field gens in sci
four rare mkXI phaser consoles in tac


comm tac: tac team, cannon scatter volley, torpedo spread 3, attack pattern beta 3
ltcomm tac: torpedo spread 1, cannon scatter volley, attack pattern beta 2
sci lt: hazard emitter, transfer shield strength
eng lt: epts1, eptw2
eng ens: epts1

two tac team doffs, two brace for impact, and sensor scan doff (sci toon...)

Setup works great for PvE!