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# 1 Space Set Question
02-24-2013, 01:50 AM
So I tried doing some searching and honestly came up with contradictory answers and very old forum posts that may or may no longer even be relevant.

So I'll ask anew.

I'm an eng captain flying a Fleet Defiant-R and am trying to figure out which space set or combination of set pieces is going to be good for me. I've ruled out romulan / reman already since I don't use beams and I don't use plasma. Primarily I do PVE.

It seems in the past, the Maco shield with 2 pc borg was the way to go. Is this still the case? Is Omega going to do me better? Shoudl I go all 3 borg or all 3 maco? Just really not sure what's what at this point heeh.