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02-24-2013, 02:26 AM
I fly a Fleet Defiant like you, but I am a tactical captain and here is what I use.

MACO Deflector
Borg Engines
MACO Shields

and I will tell you why.

MACO Deflector: Boosts your Structural Integrity, Shield Systems and Shield Emitters, which means:

-An increase in your Hull Health
-An increase in your Shield Health
-A boost to shield healing abilities, such as:
--Extend Shields
--Science Team
--Rotate Shield Frequency (An ability Engineering captains have.
--Transfer Shield Strength

Borg Engines:
Better Flight Turn Rate than the MACO engines.

MACO Shields

These have a very good shield capacity for my tastes, but I suggest getting the new Adapted MACO shields when you can.

Thanks to having a 2 set bonus, you can have Magnetoplasma Relay, which...

+5% Power Recharge Speed
+15.2 Starship Power Insulators

Also, I recommend picking up a couple of science consoles called Field Generator.
These deliver a bonus to Shield Capacity.

Hope I helped.