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# 71 its all fun and great, but...
02-24-2013, 02:36 AM
im always excited 2 play sto. i like the story lines and combat is fantastic! but my concerns and issues are -

1- when will u fix the bugs that stop me from using my tholian doff i bought from exchange in september..was told its a program glitch, and all these months, its STILL not solved and my tickets go unanswered..

2- i wasted time/resources on reputation mission- borg doff purple quality...and its nowhere 2 be found, so i cant use it..thanks 4 that..

3- when will we see better/more gear on the klingon side. the feds get so much stuff and kdf gets hosed. i love the bortas'que, but come on, uve introduced the escort carrier, the regent, the catian carrier, and now soon trhe andorian escort..

now u know why i went from "pay per month" to "im not paying 4 nething on this game til u fix my account" status..