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02-24-2013, 02:56 AM
Devs use a 3d-editor, confirmed by Mapolis on Subspace radio (min 41) http://ssrresources.subspace-radio.n...int_4-2012.mp3

Erroch: Alright, speaking of things that authors really want, uh, I?m getting into dangerous territory again, but, uh, there?s been one common request every time I talk foundry, to foundry designers, there are two things that come up constantly, one is, is there a plan to give a better map editor, that has better support of the z access, to actually place things into 3d space instead of 2d space
Mapolis: Uh, yes, actually, we do eventually want some form of a 3d editor and we sort of have to re engineer from the ground up because the 3d editor that we use inhouse is really kinda not suitable for the foundry, it?s sorta really buggy and really hacky, needs a lot of specific hardware and networking infrastructure so, I know it sounds weird for a 3d editor but that?s the way it is. But so, yea, we kinda have to re engineer from the ground up, 3d editor, something , we know a lot of people want, we want it ourselves, um, there?s been talk of things like being able to, uh, start it out by laying out placing down markers while you're previewing your map so you can say oh I want to , save this position, go back to the map editor, I can, you know, place, uh, a building here or console hear something so it?ll probably come in slowly as features that will sort of help to place the more difficult to place props in 3d and then eventually do want to, kind of, full a 3d editor but I think it will probably be post launch for never winter. So I probably won?t see that for another year.