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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
For me, Human should be Fed-only. If you can find canon examples (even in-game ones, which isn't "real" canon*) of a Human in the KDF that isn't a DOff or a BOff, I'll maybe change my mind.

Well you can't find canon examples of Orions, Nausicans or Gorn in the KDF either... Canon was out the window before launch...

I definitely think we need more races to pick from, but Humans... not for me, sorry.

Dont use it

You can't give a faction a captain race based on the fact DOffs are available of that species. If you could, we'd also have access to Bolian, Tellarite, Cardassian, Reman, Jem'Hadar, Tholian, and loads more.

The FED already have playable Klingon captains... It's in the C-Store... Go check if you don't belive me... They were introduced along with the Ferengi a week after launch.

Yet we don't have Gorn, Nausicans or Orions either...

STO wise, your argument is (sorry) invalid

*Such as the Ferengi standing around in the First City being justification for KDF-playable lobe-bearers.
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