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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
How long have you been here?

We heard that before...for Season 4.

So understand WHY people are at the very least sceptical.
It's not because they want to be.
I does not happen without context.
The biggest thing on that list that hasn't happened (imo): "Start as a KDF with your first toon"

This would be a major boon to the KDF faction. Right now a player has to start as a Fed, play through 24 levels, and *then* is given the option of making a Klingon at level 20. With those hoops to jump through and time invested on Fed, there's a good reason why the KDF is such a minority.

But with a much-needed tutorial revamp (of their revamp) and actual content for levels 0-20 (but how could they do that many episodes?), I'd consider that an acceptable "finish" of the faction, given that the ships are relatively comparable (I don't care too much if Fed has more given that KDF has roughly 50 Tier 5 vessels to fly) and all sectors are unlocked.
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