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Hi all,

during the last time pvping lead me to the conviction that only a league system will ensure fun play for pvp in the long run. At least at level 50 the range of pvp efficacy is huge within the gamer community. This due to the huge range of personal pvp skill and equipment. Therefore, most of the pug pvp is very one sided, boring for the winning team and annoying for the losing one.

This bad situation gets even worth because of the leechers which ruining the game for the other people. Yesterday I was teamed up with 3 leechers in a 4 man team in a space arena. With a vote kick system I would have been endangered to get kicked by the leechers .

Therefore, let's have a league system for level 50 pvp. We can start with 3 leagues. 3rd league for beginners and people who don't want to play pvp really and just be greedy for the dilithium and fleet marks. 2nd league for casual players which like to play pvp but don?t have the time or ambition to become elite players. 1st league finally for the elite players.

To build up a league system a personal ranking system is necessary. It could look like that:

After each pvp match the rank of the players will be calculated for the whole party, which means for all players from both teams.

Calculation of the rank:

(total number of players)x((personal damage + heals)/(total damage + heals))

In this way very low level players and leechers will have a rank equal or close to 0, dedicated players with a low or average skill will range between 0,1-1 and players skilled above average will receive a rank above 1.

After each match the mean rank from all matches will be calculated for each player.
When queuing for pvp you can only choose the league which matches with your rank. You have to play at least 5 matches in the 3rd league before you can move to the higher league and from 3rd league you cannot directly enter the 1st one. Premade teams can take lower ranked people into higher leagues but not vice versa.

Edit: You will move down to the lower league when your rank drops below average (1).
The dedicated pvp players would get quickly rid of the leechers forever and all players will have more fun because of more balanced games. Even in the 3rd leagues the leechers may start play pvp because nobody else does and may be over the time they will develop some fun by doing that.

The argument against a league system is always that the pvp community is too small for that. However, I would expect a significant increase of people in the pvp queues in this way, because there would be much more fun.

What do you think about that?

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