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It would be fantastic if we were able to assign our duty officers jobs via the gateway.

This sort of thing seems to be what the Gateway would be all about, however it just seems to be something you can view your character from while not at the computer playing the game.

Unless you're VERY attached to your toon, or know people who know the game and are that into it they'd want to see what your character wears and uses kit and weapon wise, the Gateway is pretty pointless.

This isn't intended to be negative, as I personally love the idea of the Gateway, I just wish a lot more useful stuff could be done with it.

Also, would it be possible to do away with the verification stuff, on my phone's stock browser (Android ICS) the verification page goes nuts when trying to input code and browser name. I understand the need for security, however since you can't do anything to the characters in game via gateway once you're logged in (yet, and I do hope "yet" is a "soon") then the over need for this seems redundant.