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02-24-2013, 06:27 AM
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I'd like some of the ships to be explorable, and have dailies inside. Like, you could go visit D'Vak and Four of Ten in the ready room and/or observation lounge of the USS Victory, using the Galaxy interior we were shown in 2008 (or P'Tor and J'vek aboard the Chang). You could get a briefing on the situation there, train in a holodeck (which would be a great place for this), or go and adjust power levels in engineering using minigames a bit like dilithium mining or radiation scanning (and given what they have Admirals doing on New Romulus this isn't too much of a stretch).

Could probably even have some DOFF missions in there.

It would be a fantastic opportunity to use that Galaxy interior Cryptic lied to us about in 2008 (as well as other interiors elsewhere for similar dailies), and for Cryptic to advertise other of their fancy interiors.
most of that was from perpetual entertainment, the people who owned STO before Cryptic, it is proven the ships they made are in the game I just want those in game now.