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02-24-2013, 06:43 AM
A compromise would be to have an independent playable faction. You could be anyone you wanted (including species) and basically have a line up of all new ships never before seen! After all, its a civilian faction so who knows what designs could exist. We could even pick our ship from some ship graveyard and build it up the way we want, thus allowing us access to certain types of klink and or fed ships. Kinda like the Maquis I suppose but without being restricted only to those type of ships.

The ships could be some of the most powerful in the game with one very important distinction... any klink or fed side ship could open fire on us in any part of of the STO universe map if they so chose! One, maybe even three would fail dismally providing you built your ship right but five or more ships could actually just take you out if they chose.... of course, you are allowed to fire back if your attacked.

Sometimes I just wish the game was more open to possibilities and the reality of space fairing adventures...
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