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This is probably not the correct place to post this, but I can only 'reply'.

There seems to be a long standing issue with people not being able to get past the CRYPTIC loading page, the progress bar moves like 1/4 inch before just exiting and popping up the crypticerror reporter. All attempts to turn off firewallls, virus scanners, use admin rights, verify the download etc. are unsuccessful.

I've found that if one has STEAM installed, that steam installs libcef.dll in the steam/bin folder. llibcef.dll is the chromiumembeddedframework, which appears to be an optional component of STO.

if steam is not installed, CEF is not found, STO works.
if steam is installled, STO tries loading CEF, that fails, and the get the above symptoms.

simply copying the libcef from STEAM\BIN into the STAR TREK ONLINE\LIVE folder makes STO work, because now it can load it from its current directory (ie. where the game client resides).

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