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02-24-2013, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
One ship a year for the anniversary - and it's always a cruiser - is a shame. Of course there are fleet ships but all of them are completely inferior to current c-store ships.

Just compare:

and it's one example among others.
Sci ship are not the strenght of the KDF. Klingon dislike scientists. So yeah, feds will always have better sci ship than KDF. Seems right.
However, KDF have better carriers.
Just compare :
And MU Vo'quv
with Atrox
Don't forget to include the pets. Also, don't forget 1 of them is free, the other one cost some EC, while the third one need 2500zen.

KDF also have raiders ship, with full universal BOFF slot and battlecloak. I wish I could compare with something the feds have, but I can't, there are no feds raiders.

I agree the KDF have less ships. And they need more. And I agree the KDF need a kumari like ship somewhere in the future. But they still have some awesome ship the feds simply doesn't have. It's only fair to have awesome ship in the feds that KDF doesn't have, and I hope the vesta will always be fed only.