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02-24-2013, 09:36 AM
hey there anazonda,

Well i am kinda new to this game and so as result my char is lvl 45 and its skills are decent but verry noob here some pics

these are the fellas on the stations :

Hope this is the info you asked for, as for specialization i have no clue how to do or if i even did that.

I got told i fly like i should use an escort but after trying some of them i just find them lacking in the needed consoles wich the star cruiser provide plentyfull.
I go full in from 10 k shooting and buffing like hell then after a pass i keep shooting untill just out of weaponry reach so i can repair by my officers and turn in the same time then same procedure untill killed or get killed .

Hope i can get some setups in general and maybe some personal advice ^-^

Friendly regards from,

Dane danger duval