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02-24-2013, 08:40 AM
First of all, you made suggestions all with in the Tactical build, and some of them looked like they were ment for my Engineering build. (There are 2 builds in that one thread. )

Second, I'm going to post my skills spent on both builds so that there can be some checking on where I'm going wrong. Though I should note that I usually flip around in different ships. My Tac especially. I'll fly Science ships mostly with him but this new escort just made me want to fly it with him since I had finished his reputation first, and gave me the stuff I needed for the build faster.

This is Furtile's Skill Point set up. (My Caitian Tactical/Khyzon)

Gearhead I just did a Skill modification. And being that he Is my first character from when the game first launched, he has no more respec tokens. I can how ever spend some Dilithium to get the Zen for one if it is absolutely necessary. I've also changed the ship he's flying, from the Kumari to the Khyzon for some tests on Power Insulators. Currently he has 2x Power Insulator Mk XI consoles in the sci slots Otherwise the build from the Kumari is still the same with some universal officer changes.

Some Notes about Gearhead's Build.. First, I've noticed that the Cannon Overload doesn't seem to care about range, making it act more like a Beam Overload, then cannons.. (might be a bug?) I've noticed that when I use my Beam Overload 3 + Beam Overload 2 + Cannon Overload with Nadion Inversion, the weapon fire doesn't drain enough weapon power between shots to even reduce the damage. Still considering getting Andorian [Acc]x2 [Dmg] Dual Phaser Beam Banks for Gearhead.
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