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02-24-2013, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by calamintha View Post
Squishy? What would Hegh'ta and B'rel Retrofit be then? 8k and 11k less hull and 0.1 smaller shield modifier. Paper small-bore?

I wonder how it compares to Gurumba lance because it too has long setup time, long activation, long cooldown and you can't even shoot for few seconds after using it. Not that it matters really. The only thing I miss from the KDF side is the uniqueness of Kar'Fi.
Hegh'ta and B'rel are raiders. They are meant to be squishy. Both have battle cloack, and full universal BOFF. The battlecloack add more survability, while the BOFF can be used for some tanking skill.
The Kumari is the ship closest to a raider the fed have, but without universal BOFF and without cloack.