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Originally Posted by erei1 View Post
Hegh'ta and B'rel are raiders. They are meant to be squishy. Both have battle cloack, and full universal BOFF. The battlecloack add more survability, while the BOFF can be used for some tanking skill.
The Kumari is the ship closest to a raider the fed have, but without universal BOFF and without cloack.
Actually, the Kumari's basically the best Raptor in the game (replacing the Pegh'u)-or would be, if it were KDF instead of Fed.

"Raider" classes pretty much require TURN RATE (which the Kumari is low-average for escorts in) and speed-where it is also raptor-average in.

a lot of Feds are already begging (and surprise! Geko responds!!) for a buff for a ship that, if it were on the Red side, would be insanely popular as-it-is, without the special consoles. Think about it-it's the third 5-tac-console ship fedside, and OUR only 5-tac ship is the expensive garbage-scow Bortascrew, a ship that can't make use of it's firepower under any but the most scripted conditions. (IOW, useless outside of FE's and ISE.)

It almost seems like you folks have no appreciation for what a great ride you got-probably from being spoiled by high-shield/hull tanky escorts and really good science ships-the Andorian 3-pack is well-crafted stat-wise, and remarkably well-balanced for a Bugship Killer design. I know, I know, you don't think it's well designed, but maybe if you spent time running KDF side in KDF ships, you'd come to the realization of just how GOOD the Andorian 3-pack really IS.

Not that I'd buy anything like it myself-I like Raiders/BoPs to the point that even Raptors just don't have enough turnrate or speed to keep me interested, and even the oft-whined-over KDF BC's are too slow (running from "Too slow" to "OMG GET OUT AN' PUSH!!!") for my tastes.

but it IS a good ship as it sits right now.

all three versions.
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