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02-24-2013, 10:19 AM
Its a start,,,i like it.

On top of that how bout some ranking/reward system,,something that keeps track of win/loss record?

For yourself in pugs,,,and a league for dedicated team play,,,get enough teams and have a "season" kind of like football,,,the best records go to the playoffs, top 3 teams win something (enter idea for prize here) could be ECs,,,Dilithium,,,a good lock box ship,,,several random mark XII purple items hell i dont know.

I think it would spike the interest of players to get in league play and keep records/stats and have prizes as well as promote more team play.

As it is now what do they have some tournament once in a blue moon? Make a leauge with a playoff system,,,when that season is over it starts fresh again. Would love to see something like this.