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02-24-2013, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Why would it remain so? The ones we already owned were changed with the recent patch (trait ability and now much they received). I do not think it would be impossible to fix the ones that have already been purchased.
The fact that there are no officers with Basic Romulan Operative is also a consequence of random generation with a small sample size. We can "fix" this by just adding some more possible trait combinations to the store. This won't impact anything that's already been purchased - we can just add more options that people can buy. No ETA on this; it's on the radar, though.
The above suggests that they don't intend to fix the useless Boffs, just add more useful ones at some future time.

If I've read it wrong, misunderstood or will be proven wrong by devs changing their minds about their approach, I'll be all the happier for it.