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I heard theres an official color scheme for the Odyssey uniforms. Still havnt seen it. But I believe I have the best color scheme for this uniform.

Captain Will Conquest and the crew of the USS Zorro

My captain wears black. Black is my favorite color, and then seeing Kirk in JJ Trek in black a lot of the movie just confirmed it for me. I want my captain to stand out from my crew when we beam down. I want them to say "Theres the Captain". No one else on the crew wears black as the primary color but the Captain. My other toons have different uniform theories, but I still stick to my theory the Captain's color scheme needs to stand out. Also, for my main toon, I wanted a bit of surprise in the Captains uniform. Surprise in the form that other planets know the general color scheme of Starfleet officers, and I wanted to veil what profession my Captain is. He's a Tac

The white shoulders come from my love for the US Navy. The white shoulders give it a dress whites look to the uniforms. In contrast to the black or gray themed shoulders used in the different TV series. The white really makes the colors pop more IMO.

The shoulder pattern reminds me of the TNG uniforms of Picard's crew. But the shirts dont have the zig zag pattern. So I wanted to keep using the traditional colors more less to brighten up the crew as they looked in TNG. The trim or piping or whatever is silver.

First photo is my command staff.
Left to right: 1st Officer (He's a Science officer, my first officers on all my toons wear light gray to stand out like the Captain. On all other professions, the stripe between the piping is black, but for the medical staff and the first officer, I wanted the stripe blue so its obvious they are science when I use gray or white for officers that arent strictly science)

Chief Engineer (I wanted to use more than the traditional TNG gold for engineering. My Chief wears Forrest Green, the darkest green of the engineering staff, to again stand out)


2nd Officer (Tactical, who is modeled after The Rock )

Chief Medical Officer (Medical staff use white coats)

Second Photo is the Tactical staff, third photo is the Engineering staff (Featuring Mint Green as another Engineering color [the first green in the color palette]), fourth photo is the Science and Medical staff, fifth photo is just a closeup of the upper part of the uniform.

Last photo is my first bridge screenshot, when this toon first took command as a young pup Ensign (Yeah I know ) When the game promoted me to command as an ensign, I didnt feel worthy to wear the red. So I said until I get to Captain, Im wearing gray (my second favorite color). But by the time I got to captain, I wanted to wear black, for reasons stated above in addition to being Zorro-ish. So, as an homage to my youth, I decided all first officers should wear gray, and the tradition stuck with my other toons as well.

Id like to see what the rest of you have done with the Odyssey uniform, clearly the best uniform in game.
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