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02-24-2013, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by wiseoak View Post
Calculation of the rank:

(total number of players)x((personal damage + heals)/(total damage + heals))
I'm sure the other members of the OPvP community can present other arguments for/against a league setup, but I noticed that this rank calculation here has a major problem: not everything in STO PvP is damage or heals. This ranking formula would fail to take into account holds, disables, debuffs, etc., which typically where Sci does its job best. With this ranking formula, the contribution of a Sci player who times his SNBs just right, or VM's an enemy player just when his team's alpha is ready, would be vastly underrepresented.

In addition, it's not just about the raw value of damage or heals that is given; it's also about exactly when that damage or those heals or applied. In general, spike damage is considered to be far more useful than pressure damage at the moment; 1k damage delivered over 3s is far more effective at putting dents in enemy ships than that 1k damage spread out over 30s.

If Cryptic did implement a league system for STO PvP, they'd have to put a lot of thought into how the ranking system would be implemented.