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02-24-2013, 12:01 PM
The atrox is a slow moving ship but its very tough and can do a lot of damage if flown right, although i fly the recluse now the isn't much difference in the way i fly the 2 (the recluse carrier is better thou), generally u want to drop to 1/4 impulse or less when ur at 11 clicks to maximise the time for firing front arc, to help with manueavring u may want to put in some engine batteries and deutrium surpluses. the purple rommie fighters are a must if u want more dps, while the shield regen pet is good for healing

u can also experiment with mines and tricos since the ship has low turnrate u can maximise damage on the first pass dropping mine as u fly past ur target (u may want to tractor beam the target so they cann't get away as the mine take a couple of seconds to activate)

u'll also need to learn how to power slide (plenty of youtube vidoes showing how to do it)

also u may want to pay attention to ur power levels with more power to aux (increase sci abilities and decrease fighter cooldown) and engines to take advantage of higher aux power u should use abilites such as grav wells, tractor beam and tractor beam repulsors for more damage

with low weapon power it best to use torps and mines