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02-24-2013, 12:03 PM
Someone at Utpoia Planitia easily could have found the recordings from Voyager and decided to use the Dauntless specifications as a basis for a Starfleet ship.

Let's be honest Cryptics has presented us more ludicrous ships than the Dauntless would be. Think about the galor or the Ferengi Marauder on Federation side and let's not forget the Moebius which is a totally made up ship and has no basis in Trek canon at all.

Anyway, i would see the Dauntless as a extreme Science ship, having a unique BOFF setup of maybe 2 CMDR Science and very few other Stations, maybe just one other Lieutenant and one or two Ensign Universal Stations.

Its console Layout could be similar, being heavy focussed on Science it could have some additional special consoles like the Vesta and some universal Console slots. Giving it's captain a high grade of flexibility to balance the ship between attack power and defense.

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