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02-24-2013, 12:05 PM
Well humans could try join the KDF if they wanted, but cant imagine them getting far in the ranks

But following the c-store description of the Federation faction Klingon unlock, it states something like 'not all klingons follow the empire'.. using that logic, not all federation citizens would be loyal to the feds.. statistically speaking, there would be at least SOMEONE who would want to join the KDF, even if it is an angsty teen, like what was seen in the VOY episode where b'lana screws with the doctors perfect holo-family.

Personally i dislike the idea of klingons in the federation, and gather the only reason its there, is for people to have their 'worf' cosplay. (i mean at the time, worf was an oddity). Again, personally i would prefer if the factions were kept DIFFERENT, to keep the playstyles unique/different, but (sorry for sounding like a kdf scorned) if the federation players want something unique to the KDF slap a pricetag on it and let them run wild!, if the kdf want something, e.g. a player species with handy traits like on a human, then NEVERZ!

(edit) I have no idea where i picked up the hybrid idea, but hey maybe its worth considering (edit)
As for hybrids there's nothing to say that during the peace time of FED-KDF that there would be some human-klingon hybrids living on qunos and working for the Defence Force, but hybridism is something that doesn't exist in this game (yet )
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