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# 1 Privacy breach; voice chat bug
02-24-2013, 11:10 AM
I logged in STO and found Queen "we will rock you" playing in the background. There's also a dog barking from time to time and a child is playing in the background.

I'm currently listening to an open mic at my friends house. And that friend is not even logged on. I just called him to tell him to turn his mic off, and he told me he logged off hours ago, but the game is still running, at the sign in screen

We did noticed it a couple of weeks back, when my friend logs on, I'll start hearing his mic even without being teamed. We're both on the same fleet and on each other friends' list.

But voice chat should be limited to team.
And I definitely shouldn't be able to listen to the mic of a player who is logged off the game, but didn't close the game.

a ticket has been submited, but I wanted to let people know