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02-24-2013, 11:26 AM
Its not because of the incredible amount of mail you have, well actually it is, but new games handle these kinds of situations much better.

STO's UI system is basically drawn/calculated mostly by the CPU. On my i7 4.5Ghz my mailbox of 2 years not deleted mail my FPS drops to like 22~ versus 200+ without having it open.

Its not only a mailbox problem but a game wide problem, its also a problem in big fleet actions with 20+ man and dozens of NPC's your FPS simply plummets to 20/30 and when u disable the UI your fps skyrockets back to 60+

Thats the reason why they totally have to revamp the UI of the game, and I sincirely hope for them they actually make it fully GPU accelerated then. People have been complaining about FPS drop issues involving the UI since day 1 this game got released, unfortunately with all the new crap and spam added to the game it only gets worse.

I can imagine if they dont do anything about it, and people with tons of mail in their box it will only increase and increase, after a while people can simply not do anything anymore and the game will stall. They WILL have to revamp the UI system before this gets out of hand.