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Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
I'm not sure I see the logic in this...

What makes you think They don't already realize, that playing a Klingon toon isn't as rewarding as playing a Fed one?

These forums have been aglow for ages now (pretty much since opening day) with the posts of KDF players complaining about how "Un-Fun" the faction is.

We've even had posts from Dstahl himself admitting as much, on many an occasion.

Personally, I'd much rather have Them 'working' on adding stuff to the game on a daily basis, rather than wasting time playing it.

Your post is a lovely attempt to rouse the KDF troops around here, but hardly a logical request.

I'm not trying to dissuade you from believing what you will, but I can't see Cryptic destroying what little good-will They have left, by attempting to once again overstate the facts.

Despite the disaster of last weeks patch, they don't really want to pizz-off the player base on a continuing basis.

(I attribute last weeks poor decision to the fact that They are so caught up in getting the next major update finished, that They forgot that WE can't see the forest through the trees...
They can see the whole picture, it didn't dawn on Them that we don't have the prescience to realize that what They are doing will eventually improve the game. We 'play' on a day-to-day basis, while They see things in a much grander scale.
They simply forgot to see things as we do.)
Not being disrespectful in any way, but I think you missed the point of this exercise.

In short -- knowing something intellectually as fact is far different from experiencing it.

The same is true for practically ANY life situation, and the same concept can be applied to any problem or issue -- you may know something is wrong, perhaps even fully understand WHY it is wrong or broken...but until you actually get down into the dirt and experience really don't know.

The truth is in your post, above. You are absolutely correct in that Cryptic does in fact know that there are issues with the KDF faction. They have admited as such. So...they have intellectual awareness of the broken issues surrounding the KDF...but have they experienced it firsthand? I believe that knowing about it, and experiencing it firsthand makes a difference. You stated that the forums are ablaze with the issues, and that Cryptic is aware...but yet does not fix it - the reason why is simple -- the forum posters experience the problems first-hand and deal with them on a daily basis...Cryptic devs do not, even though they "know" about the problems.

As far as playing the game vs. creating content - i.e. time management...let me ask you this -- what is the logic behind creating content for something when you have little to no idea how what you are creating content for really works in reality? It is this thinking that gets us the broken issues you even alluded to above -- the patch -- and it is also part of exercising good judgment -- if the guys who make content for the game don't play it, then how do they know that their content won't marry up with what the player base expects from the game? Another example -- the entire Bortas fiasco. On paper, the ships look great! But because the creators have little to no understanding of the Klingon player base, or the types of vessels that exemplify what it is to be Klingon, they were a complete disaster in that in terms of ship design, they basically were sub-par, and as part of the Klingon ship stable, they really do not fit.

Besides...most of these guys DO play the is just that most of them play on the Federation side, or so I believe. Even DStahl self-identified himself as a Defiant captain, and that he is starting to really like the Kumari. How could he say that if he is not playing?

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