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Sam: I'm sure.

*Vala, Ramez, a Klingon General, and an Orion appear.*

Well, you wanted to negotiate with the rebel leaders? This is as close as you'll get.

Vala: Shall we get started?

*Sam walks into the tailor, closing the door behind her. She looks in the mirror, seeing her normal reflection. After letting out a sigh of relief, she taps her combadge.*

Sam: Allington to Rio Grande, status report.

Computer *Over comm*: Priority 1 Disaster Code activated in Sector 371.

Sam: Explain.

Computer *Over comm*: A serious of attacks on Allied Starbases and Outposts in this sector led Rebel Leaders and Republic Command to give Sector Command to Captain Matthew Forrester.

Sam: Who attacked the Starbases?

Computer *Over comm*: Unknown. Starbase 592 is expecting imminent attack. 23 Rebel Starships, including the R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, have gathered to defend the base until the situation becomes untenable.

Sam: Understood. What about the movement of Rebel Leaders?

Computer *Over comm*: Going as planned.

*OOC: You can kill the Orion and the Klingon.*
Preston: *His cape and red and gold outfit fluttering in the artificial gravity.* An odd choice to pick a tomb for these talks, but alas I am glad all of you are well.

*Looks at D'rix staring with glowing hatred at Vala*

Come now D'rix it is impolite to stare hatefully at someone.

D'rix: It is only my sister sir..

Preston: You may have a family reunion when we are done here.

*Kela stands guard intently. *

Anyway.. Shall we get started.? This senator I was dealing with does have privy to this matter.. He was experimenting on the inmates and neglecting their proper care. Senator Vars has been under guard.. Depending on how these talks go I may hand him over to you.