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02-24-2013, 01:25 PM
Okay, I'm posting my story now. First off, curse the mods for this topic! I was just about to finish the Devidian arc when this thread popped up and I instantly had to stop the game again to start brainstorming.

This wasn't an easy story to write, but then, Azera having to actually deal with a Borg drone was never going to be an easy situation for her. It ties in with both her log entries and her origin story (of sorts) "In Memoriam." I'd love to get feedback on them both (especially In Memoriam), but they're not really necessary for reading this one. It's just that some of the dramatic irony that'd come from knowing more about Azera than she knows about herself will instead be actual suspense about her background.

Anyway, the story is "Azera Xi: Fools and Children." I hope you like it, and I'll read and comment on the other stories posted too, as soon as I've, well, caught my breath...