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Advanced strategies and tactics- ships and captain types

the thread has a lot of builds now, but its lacking on strategies for success. i think the boot camp touches on that, but im not involved and cant be sure. i'll touch on some basic truths about somethings from my point of view, what works and what you shouldn't bother with an all that.

eng/cruiser- the best use of an eng, and in a pug the best healer.

sci/cruiser- this is what you wont in an organized match for a healer. the extra set of sci debuffs with the cruiser heals can make a huge difference. the eng doesn't bring a whole lot to the team compared to a sci in that situation, partly why many consider the eng very underpowered.

tac/cruiser- this is a perfect fit on kdf cruisers, these can be escort replacements, that need much less healer attention. fed cruiser though outside of puging simply cant effect a target if there is any cross healing going on. its possible to get strong damage out of these, but its gradual damage, and gradual damage might as well be no damage.

eng/escort- worthless, aside from blowing through pve easier with your eng, this is a terrible combo. your weapons without tac buffs wont have the spike needed to effectively injure, and nadieon and EPS transfer are made irrelevant next to simple weapons power overcaping.

sci/escort- deals same damage as an eng, BUT you have the most powerful debuffs in the game. use an escort with a LTC sci and you can be especially dangerous, throwing VM, scan and nuk on someone can make them easy pickings. in a team environment you can never have to many of those 3 things when focusing on a target.

tac/escort- the obvious choice. best damage, and with all the passive heals you can run anymore, its not even that squishy. speed tanking with maxed out engine power and the rest in shields seems tankier then any other sort of tanking that involves out healing incoming damage.

eng/sci- no real synergy at all, just tankier. proboly most harmless combination possible

tac/sci- all the damage dealing sci skills deal ether a form of energy or kinetic damage, meaning tac captain tac buffs effect them. abilities like TBR, FBP, PSW, and an ISO charge console with as many particle jen consoles as possible are recommended. if your sci ship has a LTC eng, EWP1 is recommended too. its buffed by those tac buffs and particle gens as well. if you have a LTC tac, APO for sure, makes using TBR much easier and buffs damage a bit. transphasic torps for additional hull damaging is recommended, all these skill mainly damage hull too. like a tac cruiser, these are less effective as well in orginized teams, the cross healing can negate your effect and your presents means 1 less sci around for issuing debuffs

sci/sci- imagine your target is a ball, it is your job to juggle that ball so it is completely unable to respond. the sci/sci is not for killing primarily, it is for makeing a target so befudled that it is easy for others to kill. it does not mater that you deal next to no damage, if you make someone more killable you are invaluable.
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