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Vala: Very well.

Ramez: The Republic of United Star Systems has given me authority to negotiate on our behalf, as well as negotiating as part of the Rebel Leadership.

Firstly, we should discuss terms for the ceasefire.

*In the tailor, Sam is following news as a report comes in about the battle at Starbase 592. No information has come in about who the attackers are yet, but Sam feels something which makes her anger shoot right up. She begins to turn to the mirror.*

Sam: You little--!

*When she turns around completely, her reflection has been replaced by Sam 2's image.*

Sam 2: Language.

Sam: I almost began to trust you!

Sam 2: Your first mistake.

Sam: I swear, if Matt dies out there, I will hunt you down until--

Sam 2: Save the threats Sam! I've already heard them!

You wanna come after me? I'll enjoy killing you with my bare hands!

*Sam clenches her fists.*

Consider this a small-- a very tiny portion of revenge for what you did to me at Iconia. Did you think I had forgotten that?

*Sam walks out and into the foyer.*

Sam: Sorry, I had to take a Priority 1 call from the front.

Ramez: It's quite alright, Captain.

Now, as we were saying, the terms of the ceasefire.
Preston: *Looks to the Orion and Vala* What about you 2? Or the Federation representative..

Let us here your terms then Admiral..