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Advanced strategies and tactics- effective use of key binding and tray setup

this is the secret behind everyone you see being impossibly good. sure, many will say they don't use any macros and do great, but they could do much better sans clicking. the ui lag alone makes it almost a necessity, not just an effectiveness boosting measure.

clicking to activate anything you NEED mid urgent situation is putting you at a huge disadvantage compared to someone that has panic macros that will execute exactly what they need when they need it. this goes for chaining a bunch of tac buffs, the windows of opportunity were a target cant have APO or TT are golden, if you fumble clicking to activate abilities you likely wont be able to mount an effective attack at the right time. if you have the luxury of a cloak, this is a bit less of an issue, but whenever you attack wile uncloaked, mid battle, macros for alpha creating are invaluable.

you cant macro everything, well i suppose you could but you might find yourself in the same situation your in trying to click activate everything. effectively set up treys are just as important, even though i have most abilities you cycle often set up in a macro, i always include them in the main 3 viable treys so i can keep an eye on their cooldowns. several abilities like RSP, evasive, the tac/eng/sci fleet, and most other captain powers you don't want part of any more common macro, those are for use exactly when you need them. group your 3 visible trays in a way that is intuitive to you, so not a split second is wasted searching for abilities to click

macros and controls i recommend

the go to bind for most is to bind all sorts of things to spacebar, this is actually a terrible idea and you need to wean yourself off this immediately. every time you hit a macro it will activate 2 things at once, but anything you have bound to the fire key will take priority and cause more then a second worth delay befor firing, that can take away a bunch of damage from an alpha with a bunch of tac buffs running.

i re did all my binds recently, and its improved my effectiveness 50%, on top of the 50% improvement my old binds gave me over useing no binds. i recomend a mouse with between 4 and 6 extra buttons to use for macros, i use a logitec G700 myself, and all my ability macros are on it. hitting the macro keys will only activate 1 or 2 at once, so you must hit these keys over and over as fast as you can, not just once.

non macros

fire all energy

fire all toprs

fire all mines (if you use mines)

these you just setup in the bind menu in game, no macros needed with these.


execute full tray 4 (basic defense)-
assuming you have treys 1 through 3 visible in your hud at all times, place skills you want cycling at all times in tray 4, and distribute all shields. skills like EPtX, AtB and put fleet support there too, this is one you click contently, so as soon as your hull drops that low it will call in the npc

execute full tray 5 (basic offense)- place in tray 5 skills like the attack patterns, CRF, BO, THY and APA. when you see a window of opportunity, you want this bind activating all those abilities as fast as humanly possible. maybe even skills like TB or VM as well.

execute full tray 6 (oh **** button)- place in tray 6 TT, and FBP if you have it. it might be tempting to stick this in trey 5, but you really want these separate so it can be activated at a moments notice, ONLY when you need it. you never want someone watching you use TT for no reason, in 10 seconds they will begin an alpha on you. nothing is more life and death then TT activated exactly when you need it. i also like to put BFI and the subspace modual here,

execute full tray 7 (rapid healing)- place heals like TSS, AtS, HE, and ET or ST, in that order. this can be helpful for saveing a team mate, throwing everything you can on them, or the same for yourself. ET last is so your panic healing doesnt trump your TT when you would have needed it more. leave something like RSP off here. frantically clicking on heals to try to save you or yourself is frustrating and ineffective, this keybind on the other hand is awesome at timely delivering heals

execute full tray 8 (special)- every build should have something here, a defensive or offensive skill. things like RSP, EWP, GW, VM, consoles skills, anything like that you want activated at a moments notice, but dont fit with the cycleing of the other binds.

handy extras

target calling bind- say in team chat something along the lines of target '$Target', this will send a team message saying target your current target, im sure you have seen this pop up in pvp before. my exact line is 'pew directly at ->$Target<-'

end of match message- if you hate switching to zone chat, and typeing gg, or want something more universal for all those ocations were it was NOT a gg, you can bind a simple message of say in zone chat 'thanks for the match' or something. i use such a bind to spam this thread when i see several people that could maybe use some pvp help.

/softwarecursor 0- hate when your mouse gets that stupid shadow pointer that follows it around? this command will fix that. i have it set to say in local chat, and then i select it and hitctrlC and ctrlV it into the chat box and hit enter. having it display doesn't activate it, but it brings up the right command, like i could remember it off the top of my head.

there you have it, thats basically all my hax, if you have trouble killing me, its because i have all this running at the touch of multiple buttons. seems like it might be a lot of work to set up in some text file right? WRONG! to be even more of a lazy macro abuser, i made all these binds with a key bind generating graphical user interface. give it a try here, its foolproof
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