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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
Preston: *Looks to the Orion and Vala* What about you 2? Or the Federation representative..

Let us here your terms then Admiral..
Vala: We all discussed the terms before this meeting.

Ramez: The terms are simple: Your forces withdraw from the Caspian and Beta Rigel Systems, as well as Republic Space. You'll cease all attacks on our forces.

The Romulan Republic, Klingon Empire, and Orion Syndicate will also be officially recognised as Sovereign States.

There is some room for negotiation.

*Sam's face twitches quickly, as though she's trying to disguise a degree of anger.*

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind*: I'm just saying, these attacks your husband's pulling are pretty pathetic.

Oh, he actually damaged our shields. You know, if he keeps this up, he may actually qualify as a threat!

*Sam clenches her fists, still trying to hide her anger. Vala looks at her and sees that she's trying to surpress her emotion.*

Vala: Something wrong, Captain?

Sam: No, nothing.

Excuse me, I need to get a drink.

Vala: Of course.

*Sam walks out and walks quickly to the Docking Bay.*

Sam: Get out! Now!

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind*: Make me.

Sam: I swear, I am going to...

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind*: Sorry, I just saw an explosion. Oh. I think that was the Matthew Neilson.

Sam: I'll kill you.

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind*: You want me? Come and get me.

*Sam walks onto the Runabout, opening a channel to the nearest rebel base.*

Sam: Allington to Starbase 275, can you give me a report on the Battle at Starbase 392?

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind, sarcastically*: Yes Captain. Everyone is going to die!

Starfleet Officer *Over comm*: Yes sir. The Borg appear to be ignoring our fleet and are heading straight for the Starbase.

Sam: What about the Matthew Neilson?

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind, mockingly*: It went "kaboom!" a minute ago. It's a shame. A lot of Republic Credits went into that ship.

Starfleet Officer *Over comm*: It's still intact, but it's taken a few hits.

Sam: Thank you.

*She closes the channel.*

Connect to R.S.S. Republic.

Computer: Stand by.

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind*: Any second now... boom. Sooner or later... BOOM!

Sam *Angry*: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind*: I don't think so!

Computer: Connection established.

David *Over comm*: Captain? Do you need help at the Station?

Sam: No Commander... the situation is... under control.

I'm ordering you to take the Republic to Starbase 592 and aid our forces there.

David *Over comm*: Sir?

Sam: That's an order, Commander.

David *Over comm*: Understood. We're departing now.

*Sam closes the channel and walks over to the replicator.*

Sam: Water, 500ml, 50 degrees C.

*The replicator produces a glass of water, which Sam subsequently starts drinking.*

Sam 2 *In Sam's mind*: That won't save him. It won't save any of them.

Sam: Shut up.

Just... shut up.

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