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02-24-2013, 02:24 PM
Well, that one went out of control really quickly. Finally got it finished...18 pages later.

A few explanations/interesting facts:

All named personnel (With the exception of the head of the Symbiosis commission and the first two hosts) are all named Duty officers or Bridge officers. Second: (And DON'T read the following until you've actually read my story, for it does contain a major spoiler) [BEGIN SPOILERS] Primarily what I was going for is that you have Ibalei, who's already well adjusted to her life as it stands right now, all of a sudden thrust into a position that she never wanted to be in. Yet, now that she is there, she want's to make the best of what she's been given.[END SPOILER]

Anyway, not sure what I'd do for the soundtrack for this one. I'll think about that when I'm not as insane from writing a small novel in four days.
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