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Originally Posted by wmcarson View Post
For sake of discussion, would the KDF players be interested in one of the following?

one piece over time (maybe three lock boxes) for the Vesta's Experimental Systems Set

The Vesta's Aux Phaser DHC (albeit in Disruptor form)

The Heavy Escort Carrier's Torpedo Point Defense System

The Assault Cruiser Refit's Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo (great for cruisers!)

I bring these up because so many times in these conversations the talk always steers towards the crappy consoles that the FEDS have...if they (the Devs) got out of the box a bit (pun totally intended) they could flip some interesting consoles to the KDF.
no go on the experimental stuff or TPDS, because those are all ship-specific consoles, and those will never go into lockboxes, but the other stuff would be long as the auxiliary cannons came in all damage types, for those of us who prefer to use something other than boring phasers/disruptors
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