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What the title says.

I have my camera to snap to target. Problem with this is that it takes 30-60 seconds for the camera to snap to target IF it does it all. It also snaps to target so slow that I can't tell if the function works as intended or not.

The other game I play...the camera snaps to target after a few seconds. It also does it at a speed that keeps you focused on target. This game has a horrible mechanic for this.

Fix please!

The other one that has been super annoying lately is that I am setup for some boff powers on cannons and torpedos ready to be used. Multiple targets around me...and auto targeting selects the next target to the sides of my ship and not the multiple targets in front of me.

I thought for awhile that it was simply picking the closest target...that assumption was proved wrong tonight. I had a vorcha in front of me (target of choice) and a bop to my side. The auto targeting picked the bop instead of the vorcha thus wasting my boff powers.

Anyone else have these issues?