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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Contribution. How does one measure contribution? Even other team members may not realize the contributions made by their fellows without going back and watching capture video from all those involved, eh? Even then, it would have to be slowed down - shown from multiple angles... etc, etc, etc. Something that's not at all likely to be worked into any system - there's no panel of judges to watch each and every bout to score the participants on their involvement - their contribution.

Stats - well, we all know how meaningless those can be - how easy it is to take those out of context. Woot, woot - I did over 500k damage and healing! I didn't kill nor heal another player - but look at my numbers! So those - well, they matter in simplistic settings - but this is far from such.

Win - Loss - Quality of Opponent. Yes, there's a game out there that does this. There are several games that do this. It breaks it down to the simple did you win or did you lose. When there are so many factors involved, sometimes this is what you're left with in the ened, eh? Were you on a "good" team that beat a "better" team - were you on a "great" team that beat a "what's PvP?" team - did you lose an "even" match - did you have a bad day against a "bad" team... and it goes from there.

When contributions cannot be measured and stats do not tell the whole story...what are you left with to rank a player? Win - Loss - Quality of Opponent.

I agree.

I want a win loss (reg season record to qualify for a playoff atmosphere) same as basketball or football,,,stats are great, but in the end teamwork and win/loss is what matters.

Jordan may have been the best player in NBA history ( said may) but he had a supporting cast,,he never had a true dominant center,,,but with his skills, combined with pippen,,,kerr,,,armstrong,,grant,,,rodman,,paxon,, ,ect was what was needed.

You can take the best 1 on 1 pvper in the game,,give him a s##t team and he will not advance through the playoffs.

I wouldnt mind seeing an MVP award though.

But all in all,,,win/loss and championship,,,thats all that matters.

id rather have a team of average/slightly above average players that win it all,,then tom brady as my QB looking nice with his numbers and we dont win it all.