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As the title says, im in a tier5 excelsior. I love this ship, im just having a hard time figuring how weapons layout.
Ive gone 8 beam arrays, its not bad with two copies of eptw1, but its still not the best IMO.
Ive used 6 beam arrays and mines out back and hyper plasma torp out front. Still a waste of two slots while broadsiding.
Now i have three disruptor dual beam banks on the front, aong with the hyper plasma torp. I have three disruptor turrets out back with a cutting beam. It seems pretty solid.
Tac boff skills are tt1, tt2, FAW3
eng skills eptw1, aux2sif1, DEM2, aux2sif3
epts1 epts2
sci skills are HE1 and HE2
I am an engineer, looking to do as much dps as possible with an engineer.
Im using three very rare mk xi neutronium consoles, assimilated console, two field generators, and four very rare mk xii disruptor induction coils. Also subspace field modulator, mk xii adapted maco engines, xii maco shield and xii maco deflector.
Id like to do more dps.
Please advise, lol. What improvements would you guys suggest, what weapon layouts on cruisers have you guys used?
And i know eng main role isnt dps, but id like to maximize this one.